60 years jail term for Copper Cable Thieves

Amos Mbobo, a regional magistrate in Bindura, recently sentenced six copper cable thieves to a total of 60 years in prison.

Innocent Likomba (30), Ronald Makarutse (29), Spenser Manonga (33), Mukombe Chenjerai (29), and Pascal Chabvunga (22) of Mufakose all entered guilty pleas to the accusation.


Seven suspects attacked the Pidmond farm in Matepatepa on Tuesday to steal copper wires, according to prosecutor Carson Kundiona, who spoke before the court.

When the ZESA transformer was being disassembled, a watchful guard, Isaac Kurasamoyo, heard a disturbance and notified other residents, who were able to apprehend the six while David Kamutiti managed to flee.


Source Mbaretimes

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