A March in Support of President Mnangagwa Postponed

A planned march to show undying support to President Emmerson Mnangagwa scheduled for Saturday has been postponed.

The proposed march is being organised by a group called MenBelieveED founded by Justice Matsatsira.


In an interview with NewsDay, Matsatsira said that they postponed the march to pave way for the weekend by-elections set for the Gokwe-Kabuyani constituency on Saturday. The seat fell vacant following the death of ZANU PF legislator Leonard Chikomba. Matsatsira said:

Those people who think that this march will not succeed are daydreaming. I have been supporting Mnangagwa since way back. We are a big thing, we have been encouraging our members to register to vote and our database is growing.

We have the numbers and we also have the support of the Zanu PF party. We have the resources. We will never fail because we have the resources. We were empowered by the new dispensation.


He stated that they want to shuttle around 10,000 people from each province to Harare for the march.

In 2016, the Zanu PF youth league organized a “One Million Men March” in support of late President Robert Mugabe in an attempt to prolong his power amid calls for him to stand down.


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