Anti-riot police intervene to halt student fee protests at the University of Zimbabwe.

Anti-riot police prevented hundreds of students from protesting at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) on Monday over the newly announced $500 000 increase in tuition fees.

Undergraduate students are obliged to pay anything from $300,000 to $500,000 depending on their faculty, which many regarded as exorbitant and beyond  reach for their parents and guardians.


The students were chased into New Complex 1, an all-girls hostel, traumatizing the female students, who appeared to be clueless of what was going on.

Most affected were first-year students staying on the ground floor of the hostel.


The students resolved to boycott lectures until the fees are reviewed, but riot police invaded the UZ campus to drive the students out of hostels.

Speaking to NewsDay, Students Representative Council president Allan Chipoyi said they were riled by the fee hike that has come amid dire economic challenges. He said:

Inasmuch as we pursue dialogue today with the administration, no student should go to lectures until the institution has resolved to go back to the fees that we were paying last semester.


Some students who requested not to be named argued that the institution was going against the government on price increases.

Meanwhile, the higher learning institution yesterday held meetings with the Students Representative Council and was scheduled to hold more meetings on Tuesday to find common ground.


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