Baba Harare Challenge by Mudiwahood

Mudiwa Hood, an outspoken singer, challenged Jiti crooner Baba Harare to reveal himself as the writer of the fluent English tweets that have won him fans on Twitter since he joined the microblogging service a few months ago.
Baba Harare stunned Twitter followers after joining the service last month with fluent tweets in the Queen’s tongue, a marked contrast to the funny vernacular remarks he is known for on Facebook.
Trouble began when the Stambo singer switched gears and started encouraging young people to register to vote in next year’s general elections, whilst continuing to wow the Twitter community.
Baba Hararecame under assault from supporters of the ruling Zanu PF once the message changed from comedy to serious “advocacy.”

“Artists be kind to your brands, hiring these erudite, sagacious “PhD” in linguistics & political science publicists to run your social media handles is nothing but TROUBLE. Vachakutangirai hondo dziri unnecessary, Be yourself, We know its not YOU, If I am wrong host a SPACE tinzwe,”

Mudiwa Hood


As a result, Mudiwa Hood cautioned Baba Harare against jeopardizing his professional reputation before putting the onus on him to provide proof that he was the author of the skillfully crafted tweets.
penned Mudiwa.
Unconcerned, Baba Harare replied that his brand will continue to urge individuals to register in an unapologetic manner while underlining that he would not be pressured into providing any evidence.

“Rangu brand cares about #RegisterToVotezW I will tweet this in any language. I am not here to prove anything to anyone. Now go and argue with your ancestors.”

Baba Harare


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