CCC has structures, Claims Chamisa

Citizens’ Coalition for Change “Change Champion in Chief” Nelson Chamisa has brushed off suggestions that his party has no structures saying those who do not know about them are not part of the movement.

Speaking to after the burial of journalist Abigail Gamanya in Harare on Thursday, Chamisa said genuine CCC members know the party’s structures. He said:

Who said the party does not have structures? There is a difference between saying the party has no structures and saying that we do not know the party structures.

If you do not know then you are not part of the family, but those who are part of the family know that you cannot exist in form and shape without a structure.

Among CCC’s most vocal critics are self-exiled former cabinet minister, Jonathan Moyo who went as far as saying the government should outlaw the opposition party for operating without structures.

Moyo likened CCC to a secret society or terrorist organisation saying it was a threat to national security and therefore should not be allowed to participate in national elections.

CCC officials, including Chamisa himself, have previously told supporters that establishing structures across the country would open the party up to infiltration by ZANU PF and State agents ahead of elections in 2023.

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