Chamisa New Party (CCC) Accused Of Stealing The Acronymn (CCC)

The Citizen Coalition for change is accused of Usurping The Acronym CCC from a political party named Citizens Convergence for change (CCC).

The political party is accusing the Citizens Coalition for Change of using an acronym similar to theirs. The party sent a letter to the Chief Election Office (Utoile Silagwana) citing that the Nelson Chamisa led party is using the same colours and regalia similar to their party.


In its letter, the Citizens Convergence Party said it was going to sue ZEC and the Nelson Chamisa led party if the electoral board ( ZEC) does not drop the acronym and its colours.

Below is the full Later Written By Citizens Convergence for Change


Citizens Coalition For Change (CCC)

We refer to the above and write further to your Press Statement, a copy of which is attached. We note that there is a new political party that you have referred to as “Citizens Coalition for Change” and, in your press statement, you have given them the abbreviation “CCC”.

While we are still consulting our lawyers regarding the question of whether “Citizens Coalition for Change is too close to our name to cause confusion to the reasonable voter, it is beyond question that there cannot be, and you cannot accept a new political party that uses the abbreviation “CCC”.

That abbreviation, as noted to you as far back as 8 September 2021 belongs to our political party, and it is wrong for the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to consider that it can easily parcel off to another entity.

Particularly when that entity clearly seeks to benefit from our name and colours: ours as you are aware being BLUE and YELLOW.

The time for suing ZEC will come, when you start fiddling with things to deny voters their choice, please do not invite us to start suing you now.

Kindly liaise with this political party and agree to a different abbreviation for them to use, which is not ours.

Absent confirmation that you will heed this warning, our lawyers will in fact file papers suing both ZEC and this usurper and ask for costs on the punitive scale.

Nelson Chamisa recently dropped the MDC-Alliance after several legal battles against MDC-T which recalled a lot of Councillors and Members of Parliament on the grounds that they did not want to endorse their allegiance to Mwonzora as the MDC alliance leader.

Nelson Chamisa then decided to form a new party named Citizens Coalition for Change which uses yellow as its Primary Colour and a raised index fingers. Social media has been trending this past week with people wearing yellow in support of the newly formed party.


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