Civil Service Unions Meet to discuss After Government Fails To Review September Salaries

After the government failed to evaluate civil employees’ pay in September, union leaders will gather on Friday morning to discuss the next steps.

Mthuli Ncube, the minister of finance and economic development, met with leaders of the Zimbabwe Confederation of Public Sector Trade Unions (ZCPSTU) to discuss pay and working conditions.


Ncube stated during the meeting that the government will think about raising the public servants’ September pay in US dollars.

However, the government did not raise employee compensation as expected, and the uneasy civil servants may now take job action as a result.


In a statement, PTUZ said the government has insulted teachers and the rest of the civil service (ROCS) by failing to improve their conditions of service. PTUZ said:

Civil service unions meet this morning (Friday) to deliberate on the latest insult from govt.

The indication by the government that teachers and ROCS don’t matter will likely lead to the collapse of public sector services.

Govt can’t end the year the same way it started.

Civil servants are currently getting US$175 in allowances but they are pushing for the restoration of their pre-October 2018 salaries of US$540.


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