Eleven 120-Year-Old People Appear On Voters’ Roll

A DATA analysis of the voters’ roll conducted by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has revealed that 3 253 people aged 100 years or more are appearing on it, including 11 who are older than the oldest surviving person in the world on record.

The oldest person in the world is Japanese Kane Tanaka, who turned 119 on January 2.


ZEC chief elections officer (CEO) Utoile Silaigwana was not picking up calls for clarification.

A total of 3112 people are aged between 101 and 110 years while 130 are between 111 and 120.


Meanwhile ZEC has been at pains to explain voters roll anomalies identified by online pressure group Team Pachedu over the past weeks.

It exposed massive redirecting of voters from their registered polling stations to those outside their constituency, some as far as 100km apart.

Team Pachedu also highlighted questionable registration patterns including hundreds of residents of Chinotimba who share the same house voting in different wards.


“ZEC is secretly correcting the issues that we raised and this shows that we are raising genuine concerns,” alleged Team Pachedu.

“We call upon auditors, statisticians, database administrators, data scientists, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that deal with elections to also independently audit the voters’ roll.”

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