Employee Dies After Asking Money From Boss

In an unfortunate incident, a man died on the 31 of January after being thoroughly beaten by his employer. Allegations are that a Harare managed 44 was assaulted by his employer after asking for money.

The suspect aged 35 assaulted his victim using a wooden plank all over the body of the victim. The employer was furious and resorted to violence when he was approached by his employee asking for money.


The victim sustained head and several injuries all over the body but did not go to the hospital neither report the matter to the police.

The victim was found dead in a car on 31 January 2022 at around 6 am. The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) urged the public to seek medical attention and report all violence issues to the Police.


Here is the full statement by ZRP :

In other news, a man killed his stepson over a misunderstanding. The Zimbabwe Republic Police has arrested a man after he killed his stepson. The man Isa Phiri (43) of Kingsdale suburb is being accused of fatally assaulting his stepson Tafadzwa Sibanda aged 33.


The man is alleged to have assaulted his stepson with fists and stones after the deceased had come home late and drunk.


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