Father and Son Collude To Murder Son Suffering From Mental Illness

According to reports, a SILOBELA dad collaborated with his son to kill his other male child, who was thought to be a sufferer of mental health.

Assistant Inspector Francis Ngawagare, acting spokesperson for the Midlands police, confirmed the latest tragedy.


Father Kefas Nyathi (63) and brother Polite Nyathi repeatedly attacked Misani Nyathi (35) with the back of an axe and logs, causing his death (37).

“It is alleged that on the 7th day of September 2022 at about 2000 hours at village Mzathana, Chief Sigodo, Silobela, Misani Nyathi threatened to kill his father Kefas Nyathi over an undisclosed issue,” said the ZRP spokesperson.

“It is further alleged that Misani Nyathi appeared to have developed a mental illness. He became violent and threatened to assault his father. A struggle ensued between the two and Polite Nyathi, who is deceased’s brother, intervened to try and refrain Misani Nyathi.”


The now-deceased was subdued by the two suspects, who then used his dreadlocks, a rope, and a chain to tie him to a tree.

After each of them attacked him in turn across his entire body, he was left bound to the tree for the remainder of the evening.

A day later, he was found by a neighbor in the morning, weak and writhing in agony. He was freed with the aid of the suspects.


They untied him, helped him take a bath and left him seated in the custody of the suspects. At around 1700 hours Misani Nyathi died whilst seated under the tree


The two suspects were taken into custody as police arrived on the scene.

The body of the deceased was sent to the mortuary at Silobela District Hospital awaiting post mortem..

The public was urged by police to uphold the sanctity of human life and mediate conflicts peacefully.

We also further urge those who have relatives with mental illnesses to ensure that they are taken to psychiatric hospitals for treatment and also to make use of mental institutions, which deal with mental patients


Source New Zimbabwe

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