Fire destroys a family’s home, causing them to lose $15,000 Worth of Property

A FIRE destroyed a house in Bulawayo’s Queens Park low density area on Monday, destroying property worth US$15,000.

The fire is thought to have been started by an electrical failure. Neighbors’ efforts to put out the fire were futile due to a lack of water in the area.

Linos Phiri, the acting Chief Fire Officer, confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm that a four roomed house in Queens Park was gutted down by fire yesterday (Monday),” he said.

“When the fire brigade arrived the house was already engulfed with fire and severely damaged. The roof over the kitchen, lounge and spare bedroom had already collapsed.”

The fire appeared to have spread from the kitchen to the rest of the house whilst the occupants were at home watching television in the lounge before noticing the smoke.

Most of the household property was destroyed with an estimated loss of  US$15,000.

Property saved is worth around US$9,000.


“Neighbours said they failed to help as there was no water in the area due to water shedding,” added Phiri.

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