Gardener sentenced to seven years in prison for stealing $38,000 from his Employer.

A HARARE gardener who stole US$38,000 and £2,000 from his employer to build himself a magnificent rural house has been sentenced for seven years. After pleading guilty, Gift Nyamayevhu (27) was convicted by Harare magistrate Babra Mateko.

He was charged with his cousin, Elizabeth Nyamayevhu, who repudiated the claims.


Nyamayevhu also acknowledged purchasing a farm in Mhondoro, the location of his rural house.

The complaint, according to court documents, is Gerald Nyoni, a doctor at Parirenyatwa Hospital.


The crime was committed at the doctor’s residence in Strathaven. Nyoni has been employing Nyamayevhu since 2019. He was residing at the house with his family.

Nyoni would occasionally leave Nyamayevhu’s family at his premises while traveling overseas.

According to the court, Nyamayevhu once took Nyoni’s bedroom keys, which were hidden in the living room.


He stole $38,000 in US dollars and £2,000 in British pounds from a safe.

Prosecutors established that he replaced US$6 900 with counterfeit $100 bills.

Nyoni unlocked his safe on April 24, 2022, and grabbed the money for banking.

He counted his money in the banking hall and realized that he had US$26 900 instead of US$58 000.

He also noticed that some of the notes were counterfeit and reported the incident to the police.

Nyamayevhu was arrested after an investigation.

The police found various items belonging to Nyoni at his rural house.

Nyamayevhu then identified his relative as a suspect.


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