Google Appoints Zimbabwean as Senior Vice President Of Technology and Society

According to Protocol James Manyika a Zimbabwean has been appointed as the first Senior Vice President of Technology and Society. James Manyika was currently head of the head of McKinsey Global Institute.

The position will report to Sundar Pichai and focus on how tech affects society. The chief executive officer of Alphabet Inc. and its subsidiary Google Sundar Pichai said:


I’m thrilled that James Manyika will be joining Google’s leadership team, He’s spent decades working at the intersection of technology and society and has advised a number of businesses, academic institutions and governments along the way.

Sundar Pichai

 Google spokesperson said Manyika’s role works on “shaping and sharing” the company’s view on the way tech affects society, the economy, and the planet. His areas of focus include the future of work, sustainability and the impact of Artificial Intelligence.


James Manyika is a senior partner at McKinsey & Company, chairman and director of McKinsey Global Institute (MGI). Based in Silicon Valley for over 20 years, James has advised the chief executives and founders of many of the world’s leading tech companies on strategy and innovation.

James has led the Mckinsey Global Institute for over a decade, including leading research on the digital economy, AI and the future of work, productivity and competitiveness, and other global trends. Earlier in his career, James published a book on AI and robotics, more recently on global economic trends.

James was appointed by President Obama to serve as Vice-Chair of the Global Development Council at the White House, and by two US Commerce Secretaries to the Digital Economy Board and the National Innovation Board.


He serves on the board of the Council on Foreign Relations and is a member of the Trilateral Commission, and has served on various national and international taskforces related to technology and the economy.

Source : LinkedIn & Protocol


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