Government Urged To Fix The Health Care System

THE Zimbabwean government is under pressure to improve the nation’s failing healthcare system, which has caused many to travel over the border to South Africa, a neighboring country, to get better medical treatment.

This comes after a shocking video clip on Tuesday that showed doctor and MEC Phophi Ramathuba of Limpopo Province humiliating a Zimbabwean patient at Bela Bela Hospital in South Africa.


The health care system in Zimbabwe has significantly deteriorated over time, with medical facilities using subpar staff, supplies, and equipment.

On Sabc News, journalist Hopewell Chin’ono made accusations against the Zanu PF administration for allegedly stealing public health funding at the cost of Zimbabwean patients who were already in pain.


What we see in that video is a direct consequence of mis-governance in Zimbabwe. The people that have destroyed Zimbabwe’s healthcare system are Zanu PF. South Africans are not the issue, it is Zanu PF that is stealing money meant for hospitals and medicines.

What we should be asking ourselves is why Mnangagwa and his government are not funding hospitals when the money is there. Why can’t Mnangagwa provide a painkiller that costs only 50 cents?

At times we don’t know who to vent our anger against. We just had a Zanu PF thief who looted US$5 million and many voices went to sleep. US$5 million would run Parirenyatwa Hospital at world-class levels for six months, yet we don’t get upset by such brazen corruption.

Hopewell Chin’ono


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