Government Urges Teachers To Report For Duty

The government has pleaded with teachers to report to school on Monday telling them that their grievances are being addressed.

On Friday the Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) said that teachers were incapacitated. However, on Sunday the Minister of Public Service, Labour, and Social Welfare Minister Paul Mavima said that teachers’ grievances were going to be addressed whilst teachers were at school.


What we want the teachers to understand is that there is a commitment to solving those issues but can only be solved through a negotiation process with the National Joint Negotiating Council (NJNC) leading.

So, we are appealing to the teachers to go back to school, their issues will be addressed.

We have a negotiation platform that they all understand. That should be used.

Paul Mavima

The president of ZIMTA Richard Gundane supported the call by Unions for USD based salary saying that teachers did not have money to return to school.


Government must pay the teachers so that they have resources to use to go to work.

What is stopping them from going to work is that they have no money.

What should come first is paying the teachers, enabling them acceptable salaries which should be in US dollars.

This should enable them to go to work.

Richard Gundane.

Last week ZIMTA urged the government to treat teachers’ grievances as a matter of urgency to enable them to report for duty.

The president for ZIMTA also criticized the government for not taking the teacher’s disputes seriously during the last National Joint Negotiating Committee ( NJNC) meeting that was held last month.


The Treasury General for Citizens Coalition For Change (CCC) David Coltart said that he feared that teaching was not going to take place. Posting On Twitter David Coltart said:

In other news, the ZRP shot dead two suspects who had stolen ZESA copper cables.

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