Husband Seeks Protection Order from Wife

A man from Kwekwe allegedly dragged his wife to court for emotional abuse. Malvin Mupezeni who resides in Kwekwe was granted a protection order by the magistrate.

Malvin Mupezeni accused his wife Nomaxolo Sibanda of abusing him, including by collecting the phone numbers of “every man.”


Malvin Mupezeni told the court that his wife would often come home late drunk and collected numbers of every man whom she would call at night.

Mupezeni Said:


I am tired of my wife’s behaviour, she comes home drunk in the middle of the night.

She collects every man’s phone number and communicates with them during the night, making endless calls.

She comes home drunk in the middle of the night and if I ask her about her whereabouts, she tells me that she had been arrested by Police for failure to wear a face mask.


Defending herself the wife said her husband was talkative and it was the nature of her job to interact with men as she is a cook.

The wife also said that the husband always accuses her of having adulterous affairs with every man she interacts with.


However, the Kwekwe magistrate ruled in favour of Mupezeni and granted her the protection order. In other news, a sex worker murdered a 14-year-old boy.


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