Is Themba Mliswa Getting Married?.

Temba Mliswa, an outspoken politician and prolific parent, has proclaimed that he is now ready to settle down after turning 51 on Thursday. Mliswa, who has at least 19 children from several women, believes that this may be the year he marries.

Mliswa previously stated that he did not marry earlier because he values marriage as an institution. The angry legislator stated that he did not want to compromise the institution’s integrity by cheating because he is aware of his wandering eye.


On Thursday, the Zimbabwean MP, who was 51 years old at the time, declared that it was time to settle down. He even mentioned that he would marry this year.

Mliswa honored his birthday with his children as well as other members of his family, including his sister and mother.


Source iHarare

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