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UNESCO is working closely with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development, Higher and Tertiary Education Institutions (HTEIs), and key partners on the Our Rights, Our Lives, Our Future Plus (O3 Plus) project to ensure that young people in higher and tertiary education institutions in the East and Southern African region realize positive health, education and gender equality outcomes through sustained reductions in new HIV infections, unintended pregnancy and gender based violence.


The project seeks to empower students reach their full educational potential and contribute more effectively to the development of their countries and region as graduates, professionals and young leaders. UNESCO supports innovation in access to comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services for HTEI students while advocating for policy and practice changes to make campuses safe and inclusive learning environments for students and staff. In doing so, the project institutionalizes health and well-being programmes for students while engaging leadership for long-term commitment and sustainability.

  • Institutional strengthening for sustainability
  • Student health and well-being
  • Safe and inclusive campus environments
  • Evidence-building and knowledge-sharing platform.


UNESCO seeks the services of a consultant to develop a standard orientation resource package and programme for first year students in higher and tertiary education institutions:

  1. Undertake a desk review, assessment of all relevant documents currently used for orientation week across the twelve O3 Plus participating institutions in Zimbabwe to fully understand the ground situation and existing orientation materials and to propose innovative methods to deliver the orientation week to reach all students.
  2. Consult students to collect their views and suggestions on how to improve the orientation package.
  3. Develop a standard orientation programme and package of resource materials with an instructional guide for reaching all first-year students during orientation week.
  4. Facilitate a stakeholder workshop for the validation and dissemination of the orientation package and programme.Deliverables:

    The consultant will have the following deliverables.

    • A desk review on the prevailing orientation programmes and resources in the 12 participating institutions, identifying good and promising practices.
    • A questionnaire to be administered to students to collect their views on the orientation package and suggestions on how it could be improved (including topics to be covered, modalities to deliver the orientation week, strategies to reach all students)
    • An assessment report summarizing key findings from the desk review and questionnaire. The report should outline key thematic issues to be included in the resource package and suggest innovative modalities to deliver the orientation week with the objective to reach all first-year students.



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