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Job Description

As a HSEQ Coordinator, you will be responsible for the following activities :


  • Referential:
    • Ensure knowledge and understanding of One MAESTRO by staff and other relevant



    • Ensure legal and regulatory compliance by all Depots and company assets (licenses, etc…).
  • Operational safety:
    • Ensure Emergency readiness through the organization of at least one annual large-scale exercise, regular spot drills and the training of staff involved in the Crisis Management Team.
    • Coordinate implementation of HSEQ procedures and of One MAESTRO program companywide.
    • Conduct audits and risk assessments to ensure full compliance for all Depots, Service stations, company houses, company buildings and land banks.
    • Conduct independent Worksite Safety Assessment checks / visits.


    • Train employees and relevant stakeholders on Worksite safety, 12 Golden rules and Stop Card to prevent accidents
    • Check and confirm implementation of SMT by all bulk fuel transporters.
    • Attend / investigate accident scenes, spillage /contamination. Analyze causes, recommend corrective & preventive action.
    • Keep up-dated Internal Emergency Plans, Crisis Management directory and procedures. Ensure yearly drills are conducted as per plan.
    • Maintain effective relationship with local authorities, Fire Brigade, Civil Defense, ZRP, Security Agents and NSSA.
    • Identify and conduct regular HSEQ induction and training to current as well as new employees on One MAESTRO.
    • Ensure contracted trucks fully comply with PATROM requirements including vetting and carry out planned and unannounced inspections.
    • Ensure LVs are assessed quarterly, OBC Monthly trend analysis are communicated to drivers and appropriate action taken for issues arising thereof.
    • Ensure coordination of the Crisis Management team.
    • Conduct regular audits of Management systems and sites in liaison with Logistics Manager and Internal Auditor.
    • Participation in monthly HSE and quarterly Technical Integrity meetings and relevant cross-functional meetings and file minutes.
    • Ensure induction of new and transferred employees in line with Safety pass requirements.
    • Technical integrity management.
    • Coordinate the Monthly HSE meetings and filing of minutes.
  • Reporting:
    • Ensure diligent reporting of anomaly, near misses, deviations and incidents on monthly basis. Emphasize analysis of HIPO events.
    • Participate in investigation of accidents, spillages and contaminations. Analyses causes and recommend corrective and preventive actions.
    • Coordinate implementation of Recognition and Sanction Policy.
  • Security
    • Coordinate implementation of a security management system in line with Company Requirements.
    • Monitor security contracts and ensure full compliance of guards with Integrity policy (VPSHR).
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Conduct and Coordinate Stakeholder Relationships and enhance company image through SRM + CSR initiatives
    • Coordinate the Children safety programme in conjunction with the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe.
    • Ensure training / awareness of staff wellness program.

Context and environment

Zimbabwe is in hyperinflation, socio-economic and political changes. The scarcity of hard currency is strongly affecting industry increasing the risks of non-compliance with TEMZim standards (dealers, transporters, and contractors). The job is also performed within the context of a general low-level awareness on safety and standards by the population of Zimbabwe hence the need to raise standards.

Candidate profile

As a HSEQ Coordinator, ideally you will possess the following :

  • Degree in Engineering (Mechanical, Civil, Industrial and Manufacturing, Electrical, Mining, HSE etc…) or similar qualification.
  • At least 4 years in operational environment in the fuel/mining/manufacturing sector.
  • Knowledge and application of TotalEnergies Company policies and procedures.
  • Experience in logistics, mining and transportation in a similar industry is advantageous.

Offer ID



H3SEQGenResponsibil/Polyval, Safety, Environment, Health-Hygiene

Employment type

Regular position

Experience Level Required

Minimum 6 years


Employer Company

TotalEnergies Marketing Zimbabwe (Private) Limited


Marketing & Services

To apply for this job email your details to zuvaradokashannon@gmail.com


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