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  • Zimbabwe

United Nations

The position holder will:

  •  Lead the establishment and maintenance of monitoring systems, including:
    •  Ensure that monitoring plans are in place for all National Societies.
    •  Develop and maintain monitoring and reporting schedules for the program
    •  Provide technical leadership to ensure monitoring and reporting systems contribute to reliable data collection and timely analysis of program and project results.
    •  Provide technical leadership to facilitate the use of monitoring data for analysis and decision-making.


    •  Support National Society to aggregate monitoring results and feedback for reporing and decision making.
    •  Establish systems to remind and prompt National Societies to submit monitoring reports against schedules set for all projects and programmes
    •  Provide input to the development of quality standards and tools in the areas of monitoring and evaluation.
  •  Support evaluations through technical leadership and management, including:
    •  Lead or manage program evaluation
    •  Ensure evaluations are done as prescribed and in accordance to IFRC evaluation Framework
    •  Lead and support lesson learn and reviews meetings for the program
    •  Document the lessons and agreed action points from above meeting and follow up to ensure they inform program improvement.
    •  Use qualitative data when applicable and advise on qualitative data collection methods and good practices (including interview skills, focus group facilitation, and survey design and response categories).
    •  Advice on sampling techniques (such as random, stratified, and purposive) and their applications and relevance for a selected evaluation or methodology.
    •  Provide quality control during the review and comment phase throughout the evaluation process.
    •  Support drafting of Management response to ensure learning from evaluations are actioned.
    •  Identify opportunities for participatory evaluation and integration with Community Engagement and Accountability to ensure evaluations consider community input
  •  Lead Data analysis
    •  Advise on the utility of various types of data collection and analysis tools using available analysis tools
    •  Lead data analysis and visualization of data collected to support program monitoring and donor reporting. This will include developing dashboards as needed


  •  Support effective communication of monitoring and evaluation information
    •  Ensure the collation of inclusion of appropriate program and project monitoring and evaluation information into external and internal reports
    •  Ensures best practices are captured and disseminated among NS
    •  Support the sharing of findings and lessons learned to improve programmatic and organizational learning.
    •  Provide constant communication and support to ensure NS are aware of their monitoring and evaluation obligations.
    •  Collate, write or manage, donor reporting and evaluation reports as necessary
    •  Conduct quality and technical review of donor reports, operation reports, and other reports to ensure all reports are of high quality.
  •  Support enhanced PMER capacity within the Delegation and to National Societies
    •  Provide training on monitoring and evaluation for IFRC and National Society staff as requested.
    •  Identify and secure opportunities for National Societies to build capacity.


  •  University degree, or equivalent, in relevant disciplines (Monitoring and Evaluation, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, or relevant quantitative fields )
  •  Relevant post-graduate degree or MBA (or equivalent)
  •  Relevant professional training or relevant experience in monitoring, performance-based management, planning or evaluation.


  •  Minimum of 3 years work experience in Monitoring, Evaluation, planning and/or analysis and reporting.
  •  Minimum of 2 years work experience in an international setting.
  •  Experience working in the developing countries
  •  Experience working in the Africa Region


  •  People Management experience
  •  Experience developing, communicating and implementing business plans

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