UNICEF is inviting applications for a consultant with Technical expertise for SMART surveys and IPC-AMN analysis, Harare, Zimbabwe

  • Permanent
  • Zimbabwe

United Nations


  •  Finalize the survey protocol, budget and timeline including the preparatory activities.
  •  Ensuring all aspects of the survey, based on the protocol, are adequately costed and agreed with MoHCC
  •  Ensure availability of equipment necessary for the survey (forms, digital data collection tools, scales, height boards, MUAC tapes, referral slips, stationary and other equipment).
  •  Finalize survey tools: data collectors guide, questionnaires, anthropometric standardization test tools, calendar of local events, referral forms etc before the start of training.


  •  Support training of the MoHCC supervisors and enumerator team, including preparing timetables, materials and organizing logistics.
  •  Organize and carry out a pre -test (field test) to validate the questionnaire, methodology, recording and data entry.
  •  Organize and carry out a standardization test for the anthropometric part of the survey to ensure high quality anthropometric data collection.
  •  Develop a data collection plan to deploy teams for data collection and develop a supervision plan in coordination with MoHCC.
  •  Ensuring logistics is in place for data collection – including vehicle hire, telephone airtime for communication between supervisors and teams, official ID for enumerators and supervisors.
  •  Ensure communication to communities takes place ahead of data collection.
  •  Supervise teams on the ground to ensure the quality of data collection on daily basis and provide corrective feedback as necessary to teams.
  •  Document constraints, difficulties and potential biases identified during data collection.
  •  Ensure accurate documentation of survey process, including photographic evidence for use for visibility and donor reporting.


  •  Ensure data management procedures are in place, including:
    •  Identified and agreed server for data storage.
    •  Regular back-ups of all data collected to ensure no loss of data.
    •  Tablets are programmed / set-up correctly for data collection with the correct tested version of the questionnaire.
    •  All teams have functioning tablets with functioning chargers, including solar chargers for areas with no power supply.
  •  Account for all tablets after data collection, and ensure they are maintained with MoHCC for use in future surveys.
  •  Analyze and interpret the results of the survey with technical specialists from MoHCC, UNICEF and SMART.
  •  Lead the final report writing of the survey.
  •  Assist MoHCC in presenting the results of the survey.
  •  Assist to coordinate preparations for the IPC-AMN and act as liaison between the IPC Global Support Unit and the FNC and the MoHCC.
  •  Participate in the IPC-AMN and support training and analysis as necessary.
  •  In response to the results of the ZimVAC and the surveys, coordinate, scale up and monitor the care group approach in coordination with MoHCC and partners.
  •  Other tasks as requested by the Nutrition Manager.

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