Journalist Robbed While Trying To Investigate Robbery Cases In Musina

Newsday senior writer Rex Mphisa was robbed yesterday in Messina, South Africa, where he had gone to investigate robbery cases.

Mphisa was with a friend when three men approached them and flashed a knife, threatening to kill them.


He stated that the event occurred while he was walking towards some local businesses.

“Three people approached me and my friend wielding knives. They searched my friend’s bag and took R8 000, two cellphones and shoes,” Mphisa said.


The robbers then took his tablet, mobile phone and R120.

“They gave us back R100 rands and our passports and ordered us to go back home to Zimbabwe,” he said, adding that the robbers spoke Shona.

“The robbers drove off in a BMW vehicle. We have since made a police report in South Africa and investigations are underway,” he said.


Source Zimeye

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