Madhuku To Ensure That Zanu-Pf Does Not Win 2023 Elections

National Constitutional Assembly leader party Lovemore Madhuku said his party was working to ensure that Zanu-PF did not win in the upcoming election.

In an interview with a local daily, Madhuku said his party had put in place strategies to ensure Zanu PF does not win next year’s elections.

“We have put in place so many strategies to ensure that we achieve that. But obviously, we will not disclose our strategies,” Madhuku said.

This followed claims by the ruling party that it was being infiltrated by opposition members.

“You also have those who have been disqualified because there (was) additional information to the point that  probably they are not in good standing in terms of their activities and some who might not really (be) moving with us, who might probably be Zanu-PF during day and opposition during the night. So, there are cases like that where you need experts to assist us to make a better assessment,” Bimha said at a Press conference on Friday ahead of the party’s central committee elections that were held on Saturday.

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