Mamombe and Chimbiri of the CCC are ‘disappointed’ that their release attempt has failed.

CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) legislator Joana Mamombe and counterpart Cecilia Chimbiri were unhappy on Monday when the court denied their appeal for discharge in a case of allegedly fabricating their own kidnapping.

Faith Mushure, Deputy Chief Magistrate, ruled that the two had a case to answer and that they should return to court on Thursday for a defense hearing.


Alec Muchadehama, the defense lawyer, stated that he disagrees with the magistrate’s rulings.

We had applied for discharge in the matter of Joana Mamombe and Cecilia Chimbiri on the basis that so far, the evidence led by the state from 10 witnesses does not establish a case against them,” said Muchadehama.

“The magistrate said ‘No’. As far as she was concerned there was that evidence. Naturally, we are disappointed and do not agree with the findings of the magistrate.

“In that regard… the way forward, we are going to study the ruling with the clients and map the way forward. The case is continuing on September 15 for defence, but it will proceed depending on what we agree with the clients


Mamombe and Chimbiri were arrested alongside their companion, Netsai Marova, who fled the country last year after an arrest order was issued for her.

They claim they were apprehended at a roadblock near Harare Show Grounds by suspected state personnel, who tortured them before abandoning them in a retail mall near Bindura.

Medical documents suggest they were violently battered to the point of immobility and spent many days in the hospital before being released.


Source NewZimbabwe

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