Man Rapes Three Minors and Dumps Their Bodies In A Dam

In a devastating, event three minor bodies were found floating in a dam. One of the bodies of the minor was bleeding through the genitals signifying that she had been raped.

It is alleged that the girls went missing on Sunday morning. The police conducted a search and found the bodies of the three minors floating in a dam.


The bodies were ferried to All Souls Mission where they were certified dead by the hospital doctor. The doctors conducted a post mortem to ascertain the cause of death.

A report from a local tabloid suggests that the children were raped before being dumped to a dam in order to cover the trace of the suspect.


A suspect Kudakwashe Kapinyu is on the run as he is accused of throwing his victims in a dam in order to make it appear as if the victims drowned.

The suspect was found in possession of the children’s clothes which he later on handed over to the parents of the victims.

The victims were aged 9, 10, and 13.


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