Neymar is irritated by the Mbappe drama, but he is wary of contributing to PSG’s unrest.

Despite recent negotiations and a team-wide meeting, Neymar still resents what he regards as unnecessary drama between himself and Mbappe, which spilled into the public eye earlier this season during a penalty argument. He holds Mbappe accountable for the dispute.

Neymar and Mbappe have been at odds since the start of the season, with Mbappe initially upset by Neymar’s growing dressing room influence and Neymar feeling Mbappe has repeatedly been selfish on and off the pitch.


An incident in the Champions League last week when Mbappe went for goal (and missed) against Juventus instead of teeing up Neymar for a likely tap-in irked the Brazilian star

Sergio Ramos has been a close confidant to Neymar in recent weeks, as he has been careful not to let his dissatisfaction bubble over in the dressing room.


It hasn’t affected Neymar’s performance, as he has eight goals in seven Ligue 1 games. So far, the pair has heeded manager Christophe Galtier’s appeal to play nice for the cameras.


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