Over 12 000 Arrests Made In The Ongoing ZRP Operation

The Zimbabwe republic police have now made over 12 000 arrests in the ongoing operation. The operation is targeting unregistered, uninsured, and plateless vehicles. The operation was started in order to curb crimes such as murder, rape, and robbery that were now being made using these unregistered and plateless vehicles.

This would make investigations difficult as the police could not track the suspects. The operation started on the 15th of January this year. The ZRP has made 12 664 arrests since the start of the operation.


The Zimbabwe Republic Police made 1 555 arrests on 22 January 2022 across the country. The ZRP is also urging the public to change ownership within 14 days for locally purchased vehicles.

In other news, The Harare Voice reports that Econet announced that it is going to review its prices effective Tuesday 25 January 2022.


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