Police officer testifies against Sikhala

A STATE witness was subpoenaed on Tuesday to testify against Job Sikhala, an imprisoned member of the Citizen’s Coalition for Change (CCC), about a video he reportedly posted on YouTube with the purpose to incite violence.

Prior to the notorious demonstrations on July 31, 2020, Sikhala is accused of encouraging public disorder.


Officer Munyaradzi Silomoni of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) gave testimony before Harare Magistrate Vimbai Guriro in the victim-friendly court.

The aforementioned video was shown in court as proof of Sikhala’s desire to incite riots by reportedly advocating for protests intended to overthrow President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


Silomoni, in a police statement, said there were, in fact, five videos in total, apart from the one Sikhala uploaded on social media platform, YouTube.

However, he could only produce one as exhibit in court.

The court heard the video, which features Sikhala and an unidentified interviewer, was filmed during his time in the ‘wilderness.’


But, nowhere in the video does the legislator mention the State President, Sikhala’s defence team argued.

The recording was in vernacular and is subject to misinterpretation, they added.

Sikhala’s legal representative, Harrison Nkomo, cross examined Silomoni.

Nkomo was standing in for Beatrice Mtetwa, who was seized with another client’s trial in a different court.

Asked Nkomo: “Where in the clip does Sikhala call for a demonstration for His Excellency to step down?”

Silomoni responded saying; “In my opinion Your Worship, when he mentioned that the Namibian police had given authority, and the ball is now in their court.

“He also mentioned how something needs to be done as men have no jobs, that in my opinion prompts the nation to take action.”

The case was rolled over to Wednesday.


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