RBZ Reserve Money Increases As of Week Ended 14 January 2022

RBZ reserve money has increased during the week ended 14 January as compared to the previous weeks position. According to the RBZ the reserve money increased from ZW$ 26.12 billion to ZW$ 27.18 billion, this means they was an increase of ZW$ 1.06 from the previous week.

However, the RBZ pointed out that they was a decline of ZW$118.75 in banks liquidity that is the RTGS balances at the central bank.


Below is the full RBZ update:

1.Reserve money increased by ZW$ 1.06 billion to ZW$27.18 billion during the week ending 14th January 2022, compared to the previous week’s position of ZW$26.12 billion.

2.The growth in reserve money largely reflected an increase of ZW$1.11 billion and ZW$71.93 million in required reserves and currency issued, respectively.

3.Partially offsetting this increase was a decline of ZW$ 118.75 million in banks liquidity (RTGS balances) at the Central bank.



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