Shocking: Wife Murders Husband Over Purchase of An Axe

A GUTU lady is suspected of axing her husband to death following an incident sparked by a disagreement over the purchase of an axe.

Prince Chipika, 29, died five days later from injuries sustained when his wife Beauty, Mutondoro, 23, assaulted him. The incident happened over the weekend.


On Wednesday, Prince died after being admitted to Masvingo General Hospital.

Beauty was detained after the incident. Simbisai Mutondoro, one of the couple’s close relatives, said the pair had had marital difficulties for a long time.


This couple has been violently fighting each other for a long time now. I used to provide them with counselling and the husband was, at some point, rude to the extent he wanted everyone in the family to do as he wished. He didn’t like being stopped by anyone and I used to stop them from fighting, she said. She said on the day in question, the couple had an altercation over an axe. They have been fighting since a long way back and I would counsel them.

They have always been fighting.On the day he was attacked, Prince wanted to give away his maize in exchange for an axe. On this day, Prince was drinking beer with his uncle and his sister passed by. She was selling an axe, which she had picked from a bush. Prince was interested in the axe and, after some beers, they went home. He then advised his wife about his decision to buy the axe in exchange for a bucket of maize. An altercation ensued, and his uncle tried to stop the chaos, they appeared to have listened. The next morning, we were told that they had injured each other and, sadly, Prince was hit by the axe several times.”

He died on Wednesday.
“Zvinhu zvagara zvichingonetsa kubva kare and but on this day she asked why he wanted to use maize yet they didn’t have good harvest.
That is what triggered the fight.

Simbisai Mutondoro

In other news a man who insulted President Mnangagwa has been released.


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