Sikhala writes yet another heartfelt letter

INCARCERATED Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) legislator Job Sikhala claims that convicts in the country’s correctional institutions were living inhumanely crowded quarters like mice.

He challenged the church to condemn Zanu PF’s abuse and mistreatment of opposition activists in general, as well as inmates in general.


Sikhala has been detained for almost two months and has been denied bail by both the Magistrate and High Courts.

The Zengeza West MP urged clergy to stand up for justice and condemned the clampdown on dissent in a letter obtained by a local tabloid


The Letter reads :

“Please be advised that we are living like rats here at Chikurubi Maximum Prison. It is no different from Adolf Hitler’s concentration camps. We really need your strong prayers,” he wrote.

“Our calling, as you understand is to fight for justice, defend the weak in society and standing up for the oppressed. There are other issues I want to understand from a spiritual point of view, which is your calling.

“I read in the books of 1 Kings and 12 Kings, God through his anointed prophets rebuking kings who abused his people after such kings have been intoxicated with power.

“At what point, should such rebuke be done by men and women God? Should men and women of God remain silent in the face of evil practiced by rulers, right in their faces? Can the voice of God be frightened into silence through threats of an evil ruler?” Sikhala asked.

“As you know the difficulties and vicissitudes we are going through, visited upon us after we stood in seeking justice for the abducted and brutally murdered Moreblessing Ali. We have got no regret whatsoever for standing up for the weak in society.”

Job Sikhala

Sikhala was arrested alongside MP Godfrey Sithole and a dozen other CCC activists for inciting violence to avenge the murder of a murdered activist.


He is also charged with obstructing the course of justice.


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