The Church Leader Who Threatened To Kill Chamisa – “I am a ZANU PF member and am not afraid of getting arrested”

A ZANU PF officer and church leader in the Midlands Province said he will never be arrested after threatening to assassinate Nelson Chamisa, the leader of the CCC, and his family.

A bishop of the Habbakuk Apostolic Faith Mission congregation in Mberengwa, Abton Mashayanyika, believes that as a collaborator during the liberation struggle, he is “untouchable.”


Mashayanyika threatened to assassinate Chamisa for defying President Emmerson Mnangagwa while speaking at a ZANU PF local assembly, but police have yet to arrest or question him.

More than a week ago, a video of the meeting in which Mashayanyika made the threat went popular on social media.


Mashayanyika told the Standard on Saturday that he “does not like” CCC and had no regrets about his threats. He said:

Who will arrest me? Me? I am ready to die for ZANU PF, but that will not stop me from saying ‘down with sell-outs’.

That’s politics to say they must be killed.

If they are opposing ZANU PF they are also saying ZANU PF must be killed. I do not like those people because I am a war collaborator.

I fought in the liberation war that took over the country from white colonisation.

Now some people come and want to give back the country to the whites. We can’t let that happen.


Mashayanyika claimed to be a pastor, although he described himself as more of a politician than a leader of the church. He stated:


Yes, I am a bishop but I am more of ZANU PF than I identify myself as a church leader.

When are the police going to come? I am not afraid of them.

I am a ZANU PF member and am not afraid of getting arrested.

Tell them there in Harare that I am not afraid. I have been a staunch ZANU PF supporter since (Rhodesian prime minister Ian) Smith’s time.

But I am a war collaborator. I will not let the country go back into the hands of the whites.

We can’t let it go on like that and I still insist that I will continue supporting (President Emmerson) ED Mnangagwa.



Source The Standard

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