Zec encouraged to quicken the Delimation exercise

Unless the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) facilitates its delimitation process, election watchdogs warn Zimbabwe risks holding next year’s harmonised elections using seat boundaries from the 2008 election.

Every ten years, a process known as delimitation divides the nation into wards and constituencies for electoral reasons.


According to the Constitution, the exercise shall be finished no later than six months before a general election. It was last performed in 2008.

Election Resource Center (ERC) programs manager Solomon Bobosibunu stated yesterday in Kadoma at a Media Elections Academy on Electoral Processes held by Zimbabwe Election Support Network (Zesn) :


If this process is not going to be completed by December 31 so that we have something around mid-January in 2023, we are going to continue with the current boundaries as they are. As journalists, we need to push Zec so that the process happens ahead of schedule

Solomon Bobosibunu

Participants were informed by Ian Goredema, manager of Zesn Monitoring and Observation, that several constituencies had been inappropriately apportioned.

Goredema noted regions where the number of registered voters varied by more than 20% from the median of 27, 000 registered voters in his presentation.


These regions include Epworth (71 835), Goromonzi South (73 031), Harare South (76 278), and Dangamvura (60 651) (+224%).


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