ZEC is accused of upsetting new voters.

The national coordinator of the Zimbabwe Election Advocacy Trust (ZEAT), Robson Chikwinya, has accused the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) of bias in the ongoing voter registration process leading up to the elections in 2023.

According to Chikwinya, ZEC is devoting more resources to rural regions in an effort to annoy voters in urban areas by increasing voter registration in alleged ZANU PF strongholds. He stated:


As an organisation, we have noted that ZEC is doing more to make sure that the registration centres for rural areas register more people than those in towns.

It seems there is bias somewhere, somehow as more people are being registered in rural areas than towns… I feel that ZEC must be more serious and treat the rural virgin voter equally as the urban one.

ZEC must up the game and also make sure that each polling centre is a registration centre.

As ZEAT we are currently engaging ZEC and Parliament over the issue so that the right to vote is guaranteed to everyone regardless of location.

However, ZEC chief elections officer Utloile Silaigwana denied claims that the elections management body was deliberately frustrating first-time voters. 


He said continuous voter registration is being conducted at all ZEC provincial and district offices during working hours.


Source News Day

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