Zimbabweans Should Appreciate Development. “Makandiwa”

Emmanuel Makandiwa, the founder and head of United Family International Church (UFIC), has urged Zimbabweans to recognize and celebrate what he sees as the nation’s infrastructure development.

On Sunday, Mike Bimha and his wife had attended the Chitungwiza Basilica where Makandiwa was giving a speech to his supporters.


Bimha’s visit was in response to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s directive that he attend UFIC regularly during his Easter holiday visit to the church.

In his speech, Makandiwa urged the church to pray for Zimbabweans to witness the progress their government has made, including the building of roads, dams, and an expanded airport, among other things. He stated:


You highlighted something which is very crucial, Dr Bimha that we have managed to stretch as a nation in terms of development.

However, not much is being said concerning the developments taking place and we are behind in terms of marketing ourselves globally. There is a lot that has to be known about us.

… As men of God, we need to deal with the cloud that hovers around this country because if it is not removed, the citizens will remain under that cloud.

There is need for prayer to be raised so that people can begin to appreciate good things.


Bimha also told the congregants that the government values the role of the churches in the country and the national constitution recognises freedom of worship


Source Herald

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